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Schizoid mix
of Hard Day’s Night lyr rix
Go veggie dude subliminal lingo
Just waiting on the go ahead
Paul N Ringo

Coz all the me that I do when i get home from you makes me feel you can’t alright pretend to kiss goodbye me with the bring and die hard chip surprise me again and again and when your were sad in love break of baby girl was all there was all in to be told tell of me funny nothing and baby dance through my sad  all else to give when alone home seem tight baby I should like everything to get right through me day by night when right kiss lied things hold hard baby today in her true kiss hands learn to promise to run sad sleep girl to  give love by you with shall baby tears in release of mine happy take on you kissing in trust pain eyes behind goodbye money stars at night sad everything hands release to me in gone kiss surprise and die in understand sleep release me along the why love feel star place with better girl things in second love care  to bring the yeah yeah yeah to feel say in OK things back to back in satisfied sleeping again and again hey hey hey or oh oh oh hate eye money to buys more kiss or log diamond of working chip dance to get kissing in everything sleep for listen tears that fell into please might place through you to me to right understand coz dance face is happy too  promise do to yeah yeah yeah everything new in sad apologise girl pretend release of vain trivialities of baby die kiss working your goodbye love money in me in lied things to show funny release in your leave feeling of please to start show your me baby time in feeling goodbye break working long in all you do and all along the flat sympathy ring  for why dog star was to bring break die pleas as long as screaming  goodbye kiss feel satisfied care things with funny sleeping again for mine chip love try can’t care right for place better face kiss in sun in to do things be see true today in love dog chip pride  star realise to go why before more love cow  things get in the hey hey hey ring  all over her to understand true goodbye that gave him more better baby love on you holding cry pain knee to be a sure and start release pride for hope and learn in vain day  to say I saw baby please cry for good to find she worth it  in sleep standing where the promise  be fell flat the you love heart girl in moan say got  too gonna need in more OK work to think for mine trivialities than star dog sleep of funny cow  love release her to please the shine in place of a hey hey hey start laugh working in sun somebody love world or long why you working to pretend to give you baby man buy diamond like our kiss in shy apologise of dark care rings pride  ask dog sleep  to my hurt money better pride ask night of dog day love or hard yes night of  baby whoa oh she gave her own right sky rather too bright to be the sure star baby before the girl eyes bended everything to give me second girl you love hope to buy better sleep start get shine money to love sad kiss place a face in for your new love kiss baby promise to understand in so do in working through on the love mine shine for you to OK an alright girl promise to do me goodbye love in by holding on to hard please me back down call and never wow or hey hey hey with  dog night understand hands in learn things pretend to run funny sky bright at somebody tears on laugh shoulder of her sad girl face night share in a gonna get hard and lucky kiss for a shy business baby chip to listen or treat as back in feet when me too get the home feel faded for everybody in bended in call  with please knee dark shine in night place of be sure today can’t stay the love sleep cow pain ring in vain because of gone girl kiss surprise at baby eyes not understand enough to hold you through and out of  the flat why everything is happy sad in gonna love you shine place to get way too told for any she say un please in want to be a has been baby screaming funny  things of second love tears feeling cow sorry on shoulder sympathy in time caught hold sing knee sin share of what he leave said of hard flat kiss of goodbye make die money back buy a down call pride and pause pain chip shoulder in the true business cow world say long in two away waiting face tonight to shine her lucky faded sun love in baby trivialities gone break out and go better show on lot say me not baby coz  kind here now  is with please seeing in right hand reason coz laugh earth may some true too to be out  how in wishing it if with girl heart earth sin in  mad and come on to all reason took before c’mon was in girl baby and blind to  let me more okay its thing of please kiss wow deep back dreaming kiss second love home face girl  vain remember think me promise as you do go with your baby think chip time ends in  better in hurt show break to go get  shoulder on me holding some yeah yeah yeah kind find of kind true wishing instead of hard tear dreaming of  surprise in their find and run better baby sky thought kind earth heart with  sin in mad money eyes just lost instead got your pretend no no no because anything or everything baby don’t get only one tonight kiss more than a won by all if you  gotta do people door in to walk in cow and say me not wanna get that night feel in feet of can’t mine dance hard better get lost in better dance then show when whole love do is instead on bright sympathy with back holding time of any happy tries of kiss your place in dark girl  pretend lover sky bring dark shine to die tenderly blind for promise baby break of why you’ll only listen to two away face break and shoulder why I’ll only treat me bad with hang my moan pleas of my yeah yeah yeah in more mad promise earth shine to say c’mon a baby in a happy try of a a kind heart  that comes to all at the break of promised reason of ring friend makes me love alright at the baby things you break better on she shy sympathise in find cry shine money all you gotta hold of do ahay ahay ahay where they locked up the heart start break in  gonna do shy talk stare in mad bigger  gotta dos at someday in  feet or walk say wow kiss dreaming love dark in somehow said things of true hearts would say to  me to get lost kiss show to the bright  said that girl earth in some lost feel to remember a time of end the baby kind if love girl get enough for blind lost heart shine to here say this way when dead business do more that show things come to  blind moan home in happy night feel c’mon with the girl star pain holding when home from the boy cows leave you in the green flat turning listen feel to laugh in my baby heart face a feeling of happy lost again goodbyes yeah and wow of to kinds instead of real remember tears feel of promised kiss dark enough for blind tell baby about the love girl went home to shine the star baby and get the whole place only mad enough to break the happy hold.
pig in poke
pulled in choke

took for mug
in Heimlich hug

After the rain
the soil nostrils flared
and the worms raced home
to their wee hidey holes

I got flashes of the pre cog flood
when i rubbed my eyes
inhuman furniture on a white hot street

not knowing
what I'm up to

The photogaraph is the only chance
that the light gets to get
its own back on solid forms

It's good this innit
knowing sweet fxxxk all

last leggothe phantom limbo
happy horizontal hunting ground

keys fell out my wi fi ouija board
when it hit the wall

when i put em back together
my Special K license

-Is there a Mr Niece in the audience.

This is the message a Mr Niece


you see by then i had my
nar nin nar nin nar na! confidence back

Then i did spy
cocktail eye
a super brat anarchist throwing a tantrum
at the mudrock festival

She had chestnut's eyes
green nylon hairs
and a LGTs for ISIS T-shirt on her torso

The warm grey sky
it had a sticky mess smile
wrapped round the nostril diver

Nostril diver in Q was a baby bull
his snout peeled right back and over his head face
till his whole body was clad in nostril lining

Shadow of the phantom Rhubarb Triangle
hovered over
most of Strumpshaw
Tincleton and Giggleswick

Then I came to
holding flyers

one for a Dinosaur Rights org in Bristol
and one for a woollen waste groop in "mungo and shoddy" mills

Also there was a newspaper cutting

Crystal Bassoon Mayor
at the grand opening
of the new echo refinery

Then dry bright sound
like sugar flowing
Then wet dark colour
like freelance gleam
in premature shadow

there was 2 rains between
the butterfy in hollow window

voice 1-there is no humor in
any of the holy books,
have you noticed that?

voice 2-where is the remains adaptor
for the smell of blue
burning coldly?

voice 3-is settin moon
still in the oh oh oh zone?

then more thingsome something churn rates
milksome think backflash

voice 3a-greenghost fireworks works
best in imploded scenery

voice3b-rem ember not to let the white
take the green route back to black

voice 3c- don't touch the words
in desiccated belly laughter

voice 3d-don't touch the old chestnut joke armour
in spider mammal mural

MagnetOsphere pulsing again

a nicotine sauna latex whisper

a full ghost in a prosthetic body

a horny skelleton hand shudders
on the wheelchair arm

a freedom from the ART virus
installation 4.45

look-a Rhino iguana perched on cluster
of half melted showroom dummies

look-the sign
There must be a place
where ANYTHING can happen -even this

imagin that
just space instead of eyes

here in hell they make you carry your old time around

they call them memories
zombie insight in reverse
shallow enough for gut reaction
mercury eyes rising
to test the warmth of living scene

Rorschach chemtrails
to gauge
inner workings of the heavy weather there to

The memory flash was in the year 20/20 something
Was in the home for retired steam punks
peeling the glass from a boiled egg timer
circa radio on 76

Segue went one hiss per fume
when pesky DJ left the room

Orphans of Babylon

Golden Years

But cyborg here still got his warmth
glam rock glitter camp

They said he got his silver freckles from laying under the stars too long


said I
the meaning turned right down
Couldn't get the speed of the meaning down
any lower than half a second
without those pesky flashes of heaveN getting in

Was safe in the special K
that only the memory of time was passing
Was safe in the special K
that only ones waiting for me in abaddoN
were all my old selves

Fear of seeing
what the whites of my eyes had been sealing off all along
fear of seeing
that only the time of memory was passed
sinCe my eye whites were last in focus

wall was there
but clear as air
clearer than any crystal
it was a steel with no pigment
it was a transparent steel

you could say it was
a wake within a wake for a dream within a dream

Miracle cruor was in the blue flagon
dropped anchor in the ichor

colloidal suspensions something
something something something

It had just got back from nature
something something in the something
and 5 new vials of banana slug blood

What is the pain at said medic
on a scale of A to Z
no those are mobile greenhouses
for my tumble weeds

You may as well come in
while you're here like

n'have a butchers at my new flooring

i have got
bi carbonate of car pet

i have got
shaggy linolium

I have got
the cops at the door

about the envelope of asbestos dust
i sent to local council to see how them cxxxnts liked it

Would you like a beaker of earl grey

Be a true 'non speciesist' feminist


 this is even worse than neutering

Go to

Humane Fix

Humane Fix@humanefix

To promote sterilization of dogs with humane methods such as vasectomy, and partial hysterectomy (removal of only the uterus) instead of spaying or neutering.


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I do not love animals more than humonz- I love trees more than humonz
I'm not aunty in tel eck tule-I'm aunty uncle neece n nefew in tel eck tule..




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